Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Ministries of St. Brendan's in the Pines:

What is St. Brendan's in the Pines?

St. Brendan's in the Pines is a Christian missions support ministry and house-based church fellowship based outside of Isanti, MN in a home surrounded by almost 100 pine and spruce trees, and named in honor of St. Brendan the Navigator, a 4th century Celtic monk who traveled far and wide as what we would call today an evangelist and church planter.

At St. Brendan's, we provide a place where those returning from missionary service can rest, recover and return to their homeland without the pressures of life in an urban environment. Our guest room is also open, as available, to missionaries on furlough from foreign assignment, or doing fundraising for their mission activities.

St. Brendan's Two-Wheeled Explorer and the Travelers Missions are our second area of ministry. The Travelers provide training for those going into the missions field. Participants will learn ways to travel when motorized vehicles are not an option, and how to live in an unfamiliar environment. Professional medical training for missionaries is also available for those who serve in areas without access to medical care. We have partnered with a number of other mission organizations. including Native American Ministries, Travel the Road, Mission Aviation Fellowship, LAMP Ministries East European Missions Network and All Tribes Fellowship.

Finally, the "house church" fellowship, or "Community of St. Brendan's in the Pines" meets in our home near Isanti, MN, that we pray will become a regular and growing ministry with a group of people deeply committed to Scripture, worship, intercessory prayer, prayer ministry. In March of 2008, St. Brendan's became a chapter of the Prayer Foundation, and in September of 2010, we were accepted as a mission start congregation of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. LCMC is an association of Lutheran congregations and individuals who are free in Christ, accountable to one another, rooted in the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions and working together to fulfill Christ's Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. We are also part of Life Together Churches, a Lutheran house-church network.